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UPuper® Brand

Optimal rock wool substrates for professional greenhouse horticulture.

The research and development of UPuper® aims at providing growers with 

much safer, greener, more precise and efficient planting substrates to 

accelerate the pace of modern agricultural development, improve modern 

agricultural production efficiency, reduce resource consumption and promote 

sustainable development of modern agriculture.

Development History

Through many years of exploring and studying, numerous large-scale planting trials, 

UPuper® successfully developed a series of hydroponic rock wool in the same quality 

level of  international products. Afterwards, the own brand “UPuper” established. 

Now it has been sold to many countries, and obtained high satisfaction of worldwide 


Started to research
"The first generation"hydroponic rock
wool was born, applied in Sunqiao Modern
Agricultural Park, which is the first modern
greenhouse zone in China.


"The second generation"cultivation 

rock wool was successfully developed.

Cooperated with national test lab to optimize the product.


"The third generation"cultivation rock
wool had been upgraded successfully.

"UPuper"brand was launched.

UPuper® rock wool cultivation substrate
has been sold to overseas,highly recognized 

by the international buyers.