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Smart Factory

Intelligent production line


After Invested 680 million RMB, 

the company has introduced 2 full sets of world leading rock wool 

production lines with 70,000 tons annual production capacity. 

There is no solid waste and waste water emission because of the 

completely recirculated systems, and ultra low gas emission,

it is the benchmark of green manufacturing of rock wool in Asia-pacific 

region with largest investments and advanced facilities.

 Advanced operation system


Reduce manual error   |   Improve product quality

International Advanced Equipment

In 2013, we introduced the centrifuge fiber-forming system designed and manufactured by Italian GAMMA company & STM company. The fiber-forming efficiency increased by 3%, the slag ball content decreased by 4%, the average life of the roller head increased by 24 hours, and the binder consumption decreased 15%, which effectively reduces product unit consumption, improves energy utilization and product quality.

Data Control System

In the electric furnace control room, the advanced automatic control system can monitor the working condition of the centrifuge and other equipment in real time, reduce the equipment failure rate, and adjust the product formula parameters in time to make the product quality more stable.

Accurate Quality Inspection Analysis

Strive for product quality excellence, set up specialized physics, chemical laboratory, is one of the few domestic quality equipment, analysis system high-quality, accurate rock wool manufacturing enterprises.

Automated Warehouse System

Relying on the automatic conveying system, after the products are produced, they are transported and transported to the designated location by mechanized transmission ties, separated by special devices, and then loaded and shipped by the automated loading and unloading platform. Fully mechanized operation in the process to reduce damage to the product caused by human operations.
Automation from product raw materials to finished product packaging, each step uses advanced automated assembly line production, while improving labor efficiency, reducing human error, stabilizing and improving product quality, and ensuring product balance.

Far Beyond National Environmental Standards

The discharge standards for wastes and waste water in the production process are far higher than the national environmental protection standards, basically realize zero wastewater, and use the practice to commit to environmental protection.

Fully Automatic Production Line