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Combination with scientific planting managements, The whole 

growing cycle of crops can controlled through manual and

equipment adjustment, which is helpful to improve the yield and

quality of crops. 

UPuper® is an inorganic substrate that does not contain any water or nutrients, does not physically and chemically react with any nutrients required by plants,

and also does not consume any water and nutrients, it is an ideal inert substrate. Therefore, it is unnecessary to consider the consumption of water and nutrients 

by the substrate itself during any growing stage of the plants, which is very 

beneficial to achieve the precise controlling of the water and fertilizer content, 

also improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer. 

Precise Controlling

Easy Controlling of water & fertilizer

1、 Due to its special porous fiber structure, homogeneous distribution and uniform density, UPuper® can quickly absorb water and nutrients and distribute them evenly, which is helpful to uniform distribution of plant roots and promote the growth of the crops.

2、UPuper® does not consume any water and fertilizer, which means it can effectively improve the utilization rate of water and fertilizer, and with modern drip irrigation technology, it can be adjusted at any time and anywhere to ensure that the content of water and fertilizer is always within the ideal range.

3、 UPuper® is produced automatically in the modern plant with uniform fiber distribution, and there is almost no differences among the individuals which ensures that all plants in the greenhouse have the same root growth environment, and there is no need to adjust the fertilization and irrigation strategies due to the individual differences in the substrates.

1. Easy to grasp the growth status of the plant in each stage.

2. There is no need to consider the consumptionof water and fertilizer by the substrate, which can
reduce the requirements of the grower's experience and technology, lower the risks during the planting process, make the management more effective and controllable.

3. Strong water and fertilizer retention capacity can greatly reduce the impact of environmental climate on the plants, also help to cope with short-term irrigation shortage.

Easy Management