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High Efficiency 

& Low Consumption

In line with the large-scale planting needs of modern greenhouses.

UPuper®rock wool substrates not only have uniform sizes, stable structure but 

also have strong mechanical strength, are adapted to any mechanical 

automation seeding, moving and transplanting, and conform to the application 

in modern greenhouse for large-scale planting. The superior volumetric water 

absorption and water retention capacity of UPuper®substrates will not only 

reduce the frequency or quantity of irrigation, but also decrease the 

consumption of water and fertilizer, which can greatly help growers to lower 

the cost. There is no impurities and pathogens in UPuper®substrates, so it is 

very helpful in recycling the water and fertilizer to improve the utilization rate 

of water and fertilizer. Once the sub strate soaking in nutrients solutions, its PH 

value will keep steady.

The advantage of UPuper® substrates have uniform shape and stable constructure which helps the automatic machine identify the 

substrates easily and makes it possible to completely realize the automatic intelligence operation, totally get rid of man-made impacts 

to the plants, decrease the labor cost, improve the working efficiency. It is useful in high-intelligence, automated modern greenhouses 

and professional nursery factories.

Compared to growing in traditional way,planting with UPuper® hydroponically can significantly increase the utilization rate of 

water and fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer per kilogram of product can be reduced by 25%, the water consumption can be reduced 

by 60% in an open system. In a closed greenhouse with recirculated system of water and fertilizer, it is even possible to save up to 

75% of water and 78% of fertilizer respectively

High Efficiency
Saving Cost & Resources