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Green & Safety

No toxic or harmful substances leached out from the substrate 

helps to produce green food with non-polluting,safe,high 

quality, nutritious food.

UPuper® Rock Wool Substrate does not contain any pathogenic and does not 

breed bacteria. During the whole planting process, diseases, insect and pests 

cannot survive in the substrate, this will reduce the use of pesticides from the 


1.UPuper® rock wool is mainly made by natural rock, which is widely distributed and easily to be mined.

2.The used rock wool substrates can be reused as the flower or potted planting substrates alone or mixed with peat after simple treatment.

3.The crushed UPuper® rock wool substrates can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil permeability.

4. It can be reused as a raw materail of new rock wool products.

Easy Controlling of water & fertilizer

UPuper® Rock Wool Substrate was tested to be free of Hg, As, Pb, Cd and other toxic heavy metals, and during the whole planting process, no harmful substances will be leached out from the substrates.

No toxic or hazardous substances leached out

1、UPuper® rock wool substrate is made by melting and spinning basalt rock at the temperature of 1500℃, and does not carry any pests 

such as pathogens and eggs.

2、Does not breed any bacteria, effectively reduces the impact of environmental pests and diseases on plant roots,also reduces pesticide 


Pathogen free, doesn`t breed any bacteria