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Research & Development

In the early 1990s, 

UPuper® began to work on rock wool substrate research. 

It has complete R&D facilities and modern greenhouse for planting test. 

Through many years of exploring and studying, 

numerous large-scale planting trials,

UPuper® successfully developed a series of hydroponic rock wool in the same quality level of international products.

Scientific Research Experiment

National Facilities Agricultural Engineering Technology Research Center - Chongming island Experimental Base

Chongming Experimental Base is a modern intelligent greenhouse. All its supporting 

facilities are built with reference to Dutch standards. The combination of Priva air 

recycling and aquifer energy storage technology is the first domestically imported 

Dutch aquifer energy storage system (ATES) .The National project for water storage 

technology achieves 100% groundwater recharge, and the ATES system energy saving 

rate is 80%, indicating that the Dutch aquifer energy storage technology has taken 

root in China. UPuper planting rock wool have cooperated with this base  for many 

times. By using intelligent advanced facilities to carry out scientific and effective 

planting experiments to explore, research and promote the development of domestic 

intelligent greenhouse technology in the future.

 UPuper private experimental base experimental base

Qingpu Experimental Base

The Qingpu Experimental Base is dedicated to UPuper. Equipped with modern 

greenhouse facilities and professional engineers for fast and effective internal 

experiments, which have a positive effect on product development and